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Thank you for visiting CSBeck Rodentry! We breed rats and mice primarily as pets, but also with the goal of producing show quality animals. Our primary concern in breeding our animals is of course temperament and health! Our rodentry is located in Allentown, PA and we occasionally have mice and rats available. The site will updated to the best of our ability with available animals, but do not be afraid to fill out our adoption application even if you don't see something you are looking for available! You can also contact us with a more basic e-mail on our page. If we do not have anything available that you are looking for, we may be able to direct you to someone who does.

If you are looking for information on rodent care or genetics please visit our links page or feel free to contact us! We hope to have our own information pages in the future, but we have not had a chance to do so as of yet.

Mousery Beginnings and Goals

I began with mice in 2005 intending to breed them as feeders, though I did also like them. I quickly fell in love with them and decided to switch gears and began to look for more information on humane breeding and care and decided to breed primarily as pets (I did, and do, still love and keep reptiles, snakes included, though I do NOT breed to supply them with food). I have been breeding mice ever since, with a couple short term hiatuses between then and now.

We are now proud to be working with some wonderful lines started with animals sourced from other breeders both in this country, as well as the UK. In 2011 we imported a trio of abyssinian mice and a pair of mice from a dominant red line (a dominant red doe and an agouti buck from the same line). We are also working with dominant manx in our lines. Our main projects are to produce typey mice in recessive red x-brindle (the dominant red line was imported to improve color in the recessives), abyssinian (we will probably ultimately want them to be gold in color), black/odd eyed hairless (true hr/hr hairless originally attained from Simonsen Labs), and black eyed silver texel. These projects will produce other colors and coat types, as well as varied overall type, especially as we are still in fairly early stages of developing them and are working with mixed lineage.

Rattery Beginnings and Goals

I became interested in having rats not long after starting out with mice, but did not have the space for them. I attended a year of veterinary school in Kansas in 2006/2007 (grades were good...but I loathed school too much to return) during which time I attempted to attain a few dwarf rats, but with their limited availability at the time I did not have the finances or time to be able to do so. I was married in 2008 and we bought a house that November which gave us enough space for me to finally get started with rats in Spring of '09. We bred our first litter in Fall '09 and are deeply in love with our ratties! We are currently producing primarily pet type animals, though we do hope to eventually produce show typed rats and are working on improving the type of our animals.

We are working towards a line that will give us ivory and hodded locus marked, mixed blue, (russian and/or american) longhaired (harley, though I am not fond of the term harley), dwarf animals. We will also produce some rex animals. We would like to get manx in there as well, but the manx line we were working with had unrelated health problems and we had to discontinue the line. I am currently in search of a couple healthy manx to introduce to the line! We are working primarily towards top eared rats, but dumbo is produced occasionally.

We love our rodents, and hope to share that love with others through the animals we produce; thank you for reading and please feel free to browse the rest of the site! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

All images and information property of Christina and Steven Beckerman unless otherwise noted. Please ask permission for usage elsewhere.

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