Welcome to CSBeck Leads! We hand knot high quality paracord dog leashes.

Our leads are made with intact, high quality, 550 lb test paracord, not just the outer sheath that many leash makers utilize. This means our leads are much stronger than most paracord leads out there. Our leads are also knotted instead of sewn, for a much more finished appearance. We can produce leads with or without braided handles and beading.

These leads are currently available at! Local pickup in Allentown, PA or we can ship priority mail! Please contact us if you are interested in ordering!
Patriotic lead made with blue cord and red, white, and blue beads.  54.5 in total length Lead made with green cord and mauve beads.  61 in total length Lead made with tan cord and blue and tan beads.  44.5 in total length

The patriotic lead is 54.5" in length, the green and mauve lead is 61" in total length, and the tan and blue lead is 44.5" in total length.

You can also order custom leads from this page. Orders are through paypal, so your information is secure.

Beading and Braiding Options - Beads currently available can be seen lower on the page

Paracord Color

paracord colors

Desired Lead Length in Inches

Braiding Type (if Applicable)

Cobra Weave HandleDaisy Chain Handle

For custom beaded leads please contact us with the Beads you would like us to use. We would be happy to take photos of several combinations with your chosen cord color to help you decide!

Currently Available Beads

Clicking images will open a new tab for a larger view! We also have other beads available that are not pictured...please contact us to see the other beads (many are smaller)

METAL BEADS - silver dog paw, small, gold space, small silver spacer, gold column, silver columnGOLD SHELL BEADS - cream, lavendar, pink
GOLD STRIPED BEADS - purple, green, orange, blue, turquoise, pinkGOLD SAND BEADS - blue, light blue, turquoise, lime, yellow, red, purple, pink, white
CUBE BEADS - blue and yellow, light blue, white and blue and brown, white and green, white and brown, white and rust and tan, white and yellow, red and yellow, white and blue and pinkPORCELAIN BEADS - green with purple flower, pink flower, red hearts, red and pink flower, red flower
RHINESTONE FLOWER BEADS - purple, blue, turquoise, green, lime, orangey red, red, pink, whiteSWIRLY BEADS - black, blue, turquoise, lime, yellow, red, pink, white
NUBBY BEADS - black and yellow and pink, blue and yellow, turquoise and yellow, green and blue, blue and pink and green, blue and pink, blue and pink and green, purple and blue and pink, pink and blue, white and blue and pinkSILVER FOIL BEADS - purple, blue, turquoise, green, lime, yellow, red, silver
FROSTED BEADS - black, purple, blue, turquoise, green, orange, red, whiteCALLA BEADS - black and blue, blue and pink, seafoam, greenish and yellow, yellow, red and blue, white
SOLID RHINESTONE BEADS - blue, turquoise, green, cream, yellow, red, pinkENAMEL FLOWER BEADS - purple and green, blue and red, green and pink, yellow and pink, pink and green
RHINESTONE RONDELLE BEADS - black, purple, blue, red, clearENAMEL SILVER BEADS - black, brown, navy, blue, turquoise, yellow, orange, white

Beads Coming Soon!

none at this time

Below is a slideshow of some leads that we have completed!

All images and information property of Christina and Steven Beckerman unless otherwise noted. Please ask permission for usage elsewhere.

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