CSBeck Rodentry Adoption Info and Application

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Thank you for your interest in our animals! The form below will send us an e-mail so that you can contact us easily and quickly!

We do NOT sell our animals feeders, period, so please do not ask. We are willing to work with new breeders if you are willing to take the time to let us get to know you and see that you are really dedicated to the animals and have their best interests and welfare in mind. We are also more than willing to provide pets to good homes! Sharing our love for these animals is one of the reasons we breed, so if you are interested, please don't be shy!

Please see our quarantine page for information on quarantining new animals. Our pricing does vary for some varieties as we wish to discourage careless breeding of uncommon/difficult to breed varieties; general pricing is as follows (we reserve the right to change prices at our discretion):

WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY REHOMING ANY MICE! This is to allow us to establish our lines as our own and we apologize for any inconvenience! We are NOT trying to be stingy with our animals and when I am comfortable with my lines, they will be available to people!

All rats besides manx/dwarf/harley: $20 each/$15 each as part of a same gender, pet only pair or group
Manx or Harley rats: $60 each/$45 each as part of a same gender, pet only pair or group
Dwarf Rats: $40 each/$30 each as part of a same gender, pet only pair or group
Adult, retired rats may occasionally be available and are generally available for adoption for $10-20 each

We are located in Allentown, PA (Eastern PA about 1 1/2 hours from NYC and 1 hour from Philadelphia); at this time we do not ship, though we may in the future.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in adopting any animals from us, you may fill it out even if there is not a specific animal that you are interested in. If you are not interested in adopting an animal, but would like to ask us any questions, please visit our contact page.

Fields marked with * are required. For your best chance at being approved, please fill out all applicable fields, even if they are not required and provide as much information as possible. You can't write too much!

Please consider your responses to be a binding agreement. If we agree to sell you any animal it is based on your responses to the questions below and any questions posed prior to you taking possession of an animal. In taking possession of an animal from us, you are agreeing that you will not change anything from the responses that we have agreed to. Should you decide, or need, to change your responses to any of these questions (or others posed prior to your taking possession of an animal) it must be discussed with us prior to doing so or it will be considered a breach of the agreement. Should the agreement be breached, we retain the right to reclaim any animals that have been acquired from us.

All images and information property of Christina and Steven Beckerman unless otherwise noted. Please ask permission for usage elsewhere.

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