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Welcome to our new website! The site is currently in the process of being built, so please come back often for new information and features!

We produce high quality products, art, and animals. Hand-knotted show and everyday use dog leads made from high quality 550 lb test paracord are our specialty. The leads can be made in any length, with any amount of beads and with or without braided handles. Our leads are made from full 550 paracord, not just the sheath, so they are stronger than most other non-braided paracord leads and can be used with most dogs.

Breeding of rats and mice is another endeavor of ours and we strive for healthy, friendly stock, and to improve type and coloring with each generation. 

Christina also produces high quality animal related art, via both "traditional" medias, and digital methods and have designed business cards and promotional artwork as well. Below is a slideshow of some of her artwork as we have not set up a page for art as of yet. If you are interested in commissioning anything, please contact us!

We have designed this website ourselves and may consider doing some web design if someone is very interested. Feedback on our design is always appreciated!

Thank you for visiting!

All images and information property of Christina and Steven Beckerman unless otherwise noted. Please ask permission for usage elsewhere.

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